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7 Things You'll Find In Every Lacrosse Bag

May 22, 2014

Go ahead.  Take a look in your lacrosse bag... I guarantee  you'll find the majority  of these items, if not all of them.

1. Ibuprofen

If you don't have it in your bag, you sure as hell wish you did.  There's never a day during the season where at least one part of your body feels like Thor just went bananas on it with his hammer.

2. Screwdriver

An absolute must.  You never know when you need to swap a head to different shaft mid-game.  The last thing you want is to have to use the 4th-string D middie's stick.  No thanks.

3. Mix matched pairs of already worn mid calfs

This is like an endless discovery.  You wonder where all your socks are, and then next thing you know, you're digging out yet another crusty ass mid calf that's probably been marinating in your bag the last year.  Even if you were to completely clean out your bag and then repack it (and let's be real, no one does this), you would still find a single mid calf the next day that doesn't seem to have a match.  Mind blown.

4. 10 different pinnies

I mean, we're talking from summer camps, elite teams, tryouts, your high school team... EVERYTHING.  Some of you lax rats have enough old pinnies in your bag to totally equip a 30 man roster.

5. Gold Bond

Whoever invented this miracle powder deserves more recognition than they currently get.  You douse your manhood and grundle with this stuff and it feels like a high powered AC unit was just installed in your compression shorts.  Amaze balls!  (See what I did there?)

6. Tape with only about 1 foot of it left

This is the worst.  Tape is essential for lacrosse.  You need it for your stick, your ankle, wrists, fix a loose head, fake mouth guard, you name it.  And when you need it most, you only have about one foot left on the roll... which we all know is completely useless.  Well time to dig some out of the trainer's fanny pack.

7. Crumb rubber. And lots of it!

If I had a dollar for every piece of crumb rubber I found in my bag, cleats, socks, helmet, gloves, mouth guard... I would be one rich son of a bitch.  These things get everywhere.  The schools must have to replace about 1,000 pounds of it every year just to keep up with the amount players are bringing home in their butt cracks alone.

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