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Rabil Is Officially A Lizard... But Is There More To This Trade?

January 07, 2015


So it's official.  Paul Rabil is heading to New York for the 2015 season... or is he?  Now at first you're probably wondering: 'Wait, why would Boston agree to trade their captain? And on top of it, a high profile player such as Rabil?'  We wondered that too.   Connor Wilson from has an interesting point of view on Rabilgate.

Source- " Paul Rabil has been traded from the Boston Cannons to the New York Lizards, and while Major League Lacrosse was totally quiet on the situation for the longest time, you knew something big was in the works when they scheduled a conference call for a random Tuesday in January. Clearly, the lacrosse media and general public would have questions to ask!  There are rumors swirling about this topic, and while I won’t get into the details (because they are just rumors), I can tell you that certain people were just not getting along like they needed to for the good of the franchise. Basically, the trade will be dressed up as being about change and rebirth or branding, but really it’s about egos and an inability to find a way to win. Neither side or anyone involved has taken credit for pushing for this trade, but it’s happening, and it doesn’t make a ton of sense… where there is smoke, there is often fire. And this fire seems to be the argumentative kind.   It is conceivable that this three-way trade is only the beginning, and that Paul Rabil will be traded again before the season starts. I could see Chesapeake making a play for him and I know he’d love to be back in Maryland. But more likely, Rabil will play for the Lizards this season… and that could be truly interesting!" ( Read full article)

The bad news on this whole deal is now all the Rabil bandwagoners are going to need to fork over $70 for his Lizards jersey.  Your welcome MLL...

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