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We sat down with Inside Lacrosse for this exclusive Insider Access interview

November 20, 2015

Source - TILT Lacrosse is a clothing company that aims to fuse the worlds of street design and fashion with the world of lacrosse. IL Gear editor Kyle Devitte caught up with TILT Lacrosse designer Jake Hubert last weekend during the shoot for their new clothing line in the back streets of Boston. Check out the interview below and the exclusive shots from that shoot with professional lacrosse player Jordan MacIntosh, as well as TILT's entire new clothing line, in the gallery.

IL GEAR: What is TILT Lacrosse? How was it formed?

Jake Hubert: TILT is a streetwear brand designed and inspired by the lacrosse lifestyle - a unique brand that pulls inspiration from today's current surf, snow and street brands. I have always been a big boardhead - I grew up snowboarding and am very familiar with the various lifestyle brands associated with the boarding world.  Once I started playing lacrosse, I fell in love with the sport's unique style and image.  However, I noticed the sport lacked a true lifestyle brand.   Fast forward to a couple of years out of college, and TILT was born.


IL: How did you get involved with TILT and lacrosse in general?

Hubert: I grew up near Boston playing multiple sports, and almost had picked up lacrosse back in grade school.  It wasn’t until I moved to Minneapolis, that a buddy of mine convinced me to pick up a stick and play.  Instantly I fell in love with the sport and played lacrosse all throughout high school and college.  I continued playing post graduation and was still looking for that brand of street clothing that fully represented the sport.  I never quite found it, so I took the plunge, left the corporate world and dove head first to create TILT... I haven't looked back.


IL: You’ve worked with some other illustrators in the lacrosse world — what was that like and do you plan on continuing that process?

Hubert: We absolutely love collaborating with other brands and individuals... we believe it’s all part of building an iconic brand.  Working with these individuals brings a unique aspect to our overall line.  One of our favorite forms of collaborating is our Artist Series.  We have done two so far, the first with Tom Ledin and our most recent with Ryan Beckman... both artists deeply involved in the lacrosse community.  It's fun to take two different design approaches/styles and mix them together to produce an exciting product.  We plan to continue the Artist Series as well as collaborating with other brands.  Our objective is for TILT to consistently deliver creative products that speak to the lacrosse community.


IL: Who would you like to collaborate with that you haven’t worked with yet?

Hubert: There are many brands/people that we aspire to collaborate with.  If we’re talking a lacrosse brand, then ECD, Powell Lacrosse and Adrenaline are ranked high on our list.  However, one of my goals since beginning TILT is to work with Nike on an Air Max collab shoe… that would be incredible!


IL: Where do you see TILT fitting into the lacrosse marketplace?

Hubert: I see TILT being the industry leader in off-the-field wear.  We’re differentiating ourselves from the other lacrosse clothing options by only focusing on streetwear and staying true to that vision.  We aim to create an iconic brand that reflects the progressiveness of the sport and embraces the lacrosse community.


IL: Do you plan on developing any other products other than shirts, hats and accessories? Why or why not?

Hubert: Yes!  We plan to manufacture items from head to toe.  As mentioned above, we’re creating a comprehensive streetwear brand, not just a tee company.  That being said, we don’t want to rush and bring a product to market and potentially sacrifice quality and design, something we pride ourselves on.  We are growing strategically with the intentions of constantly developing new and creative items.


IL: If you could work with one designer in the world who would it be?

Hubert: There are a lot that come to mind, but if I had to narrow the list to a couple it would have to be either Jeff Staple or Bobby Kim (Bobby Hundreds).  Both are designers that I admire and pull immense inspiration from.  Their designs are extremely authentic and original, and I hope to raise TILT to a level to have the same impact on consumers and future designers.

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