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Hard decision... but the right decision.

September 07, 2016

As many of you know, we recently released the Fat Boy Capsule, consisting of a tee, a 3/4 raglan and a hat.  It was brought to our attention that our donut design, when standing alone, reminded some people of another popular clothing brand, eventhough our donut was designed fom scratch.  The actual design lines and other elements of our donut are original and it was never our intent to confuse it with another brand.

We take pride in our designs and imagery and view ourselves as a streetwear pioneer for the lacrosse industry, and do not want our products to resemble that of another company, but rather we want our products to further build and better the TILT name and brand.  Due to the simple fact that there is a brand known for using a stand alone donut on their apparel, causes potential for brand confusion... something we do not want.

That said, we made the decision to remove our Credo Raglan and Donut Dad Hat from the Fat Boy Capsule, but will be keeping the Fat Boy Tee in our product offerings.  We believe this is the best move and hope you understand.  The raglan and hat were designed to compliment the main piece of the collection (the Fat Boy Tee), which we are keeping.

The release of the new Fat Boy Tee was highly anticipated and it's launch for preorders has been very successul.  The Fat Boy is a TILT icon and we are proud to have created a community around a character that bridges fans and players to the root reasons of why we love the game of lacrosse.

As we continue to grow and have a bigger footprint in the lacrosse market, we try our best to remain transparent and pure in everything we do... hence, wanting to write out my thoughts publicly.  Thank you to all our fans and customers for connecting with our brand and making it what it is today.

We have some exciting new projects in the works and can't wait to share them with you.

Be great,

Jake Hubert

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