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May 03, 2017

We teamed up with East Coast Dyes once again to bring to the lacrosse community one  sweet collaboration.  Pun intended.  If you remember, we worked with ECD last spring on the first collab, the TILT X ECD Crabby Fat Boy Tee.  It sold like bonkers!

So, of course, we gotta step it up and produce another banger.  We present to you, the TILT X ECD Scoop Tee.

The Scoop Tee is constructed from our popular ultra-soft cotton poly blend material and cut in our signature s/s tee silhouette.  Since it's spring, we decided to lighten the palette and go with a pastel mint base for the garment... a first for us.

This item has many details baked into... some obvious, others not as much.  The front features a classic left chest graphic that hints at the overall theme of the tee - three varying ice cream treats with the collab brands centered underneath.  There are two hidden details within this design.  The shape of the first ice cream shape is that of a lacrosse head... covered in dripping fudge, of course.  The second hidden detail is found in the "sprinkles" within the far right ice cream treat made of 1 plus (+) and 4 Xs.  This represents 14, or rather 2014... the year TILT was founded.

The main design features a large ice cream truck graphic centered on the back of the tee.  Like most ice cream trucks, the side of the vehicle is littered with lettering, all relating to the brands of both TILT and ECD.   Serving up fresh mesh & wears daily!  We took popular ice cream treats and retitled them after particular hard goods manufactured by ECD... the Mirage head (their newest addition) and  Striker mesh (their marquee product).  Another reference to their strong product lineup can be found in the MINT bucket and various (ice cream) balls found within the design... a nod to their Mint ball, a non-greasing lacrosse ball.  Lastly, all the lacrosse sticks are equipped with ECD Striker mesh, the truck is topped with a fudge covered Mirage head and a subtle crab hand is dangling in the window.

We hope you thoroughly enjoy this one of a kind item.  Only 150 were manufactured.

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