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March 28, 2017

The lacrosse stick is a player's identity, unique to their specific style of play.  Those that can string up a stick and have it tailored to your specific needs are true assets to the game.  Not only is stinging an ancient art form, but an essential necessity to the game.  Support your local stringer.

String League was formed in 2015 to provide a platform for stringers to gain notoriety and be rewarded for their talent and dedication to their craft. It takes years to master the art. Stringing sticks predates American settlers and is deeply ingrained in Native American culture. ( Source)

We collaborated with String League to produce a piece of apparel to showcase the importance of stringers and the art behind their talent.  The tee features a bold, large graphic on the center chest of a skeleton hand igniting a lighter... the skeleton resembling the old art form of stringing, and the lighter resembling the tools needed to string a proper stick.

Preorder your Stringer Tee now and send to your favorite stringer or gift to yourself if you are your own stringer!

Learn more about String League and the upcoming Season 3 of the competition.

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